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November 20th, 2014

With Workers Compensation, Dot Every I

Filing a Workers Compensation claim involves much paperwork. Attorney Peter Salton, a workers compensation lawyer in Ithaca knows there are also multiple steps involved to make sure your claim goes as smooth as possible. If you don’t workers compensation lawyer in Ithaca, workers compensation lawyer in Syracusefollow procedure, you may find out months later your application is denied.

Document the Injury

When you are injured at work, you need to let your employer know immediately. You should also have your injury diagnosed by a medical professional. You can go to your physician, the emergency room, or a walk-in clinic. Let them know you are being seen for a work related injury so that they can supply you with the right information.

Make Sure All of the Paperwork is Complete

You, your doctor and your employer have to complete all forms to document the injury and treatment. Make sure you complete your paperwork because any information you omit can delay your claim or cause the Workers Compensation board to deny you. Also follow up with your company to make sure they complete their documents.

Go to Every Appointment

Ithaca Attorney Peter Salton reminds you that it is important to make sure you go to every appointment scheduled to aid your recovery. Those include physical therapy sessions and follow-ups with your doctor. Don’t skip appointments or cancel and forget to reschedule. These missed appointments will be reported to Workers Compensation, and they will deny your claim.

When it’s Time to Go Back to Work

The doctor who is treating you for your injury will decide when you can go back to work. They will also determine if you can go to work full or part time. You need to ithaca workers compensation lawyer, New York State Workers Compensation Lawyer make sure you go to work by that date. If you fail to return to work when your doctor releases you then you may have issues with your claim.

If you feel that you aren’t physically able to go to work at that time, you need to discuss this with your doctor. You can’t just stay home a few extra weeks until you feel you can work. You may lose your job, and you will have issues with your claim.

So Many Questions

You will often have questions when you are recovering from a work related injury. If your employer seems to be stalling, the doctor isn’t listening to you, or you are confused about what your responsibilities are you need help. A lawyer like Attorney Peter Salton in Ithaca versed in New York State Worker’s Compensation Law will be able to answer your questions and make sure your rights are protected. Contact us today at 607 -277 -5476 to find out what we can do the makes sure your claim is approved.

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